8 ways to help your hard of hearing loved one to come for a hearing check.

Most believe that they can “get along” without using a hearing aid. And unfortunately too many wait years or even decades to address the effects of hearing loss. As you love and care for your hard of hearing family member, it is only natural that you want to help them.

Since the inception of Clarisound Professional Hearing Care, we have come across many situations where the family members or friends of the person suffering from hearing loss refused to come for a hearing check or take action for his / her hearing loss.

There were situations like some were tricked into coming in or literally forced to get their hearing checked! Hence, this is the reason why we have compiled this article to share with you 8 ways on how to get your hard of hearing loved one to get their hearing checked.

Hearing loss can be emotionally similar to losing anything else that is important in a person’s life. We value our hearing, therefore we quite naturally grief when we lose it. It is actually normal that your loved one might be going through the five stages of grief.

  1. DENIAL – refused to believe that they have hearing loss example ” I hear fine! you always mumble”
  2. ANGER – towards anyone related to the loss ( Some may take their anger out on their spouse or loved ones)
  3. BARGAINING –  example ” let me hear better and I will never ask for another thing”
  4. DEPRESSION – I might as well not participate in any more social activities as I can’t hear what people around me are saying. This is where they begin to withdraw themselves from social activities.
  5. ACCEPTANCE –  I am so lonely and tired of missing out on the special moments. It is time I get help.
Mother with daugther
Portrait of mother with teen daughter.

In order to make this as smooth as possible, do read our tips below:-

1. Read and research

If your parents are suffering from hearing loss, it would be good for you to do some brief research about hearing loss and hearing aids. Your parents would appreciate that you have read up and are able to have a light discussion with them.

2. Chose the right time and place

Ensure that the place is private, comfortable and quiet. Casually chat with your loved one and remember you should focus on effect! It is best to mention how you would like to see them continue enjoying their social activities with their friends and family as well as participate in the conversations rather than bluntly point out about their hearing loss and how they are just cancelling all their activities. Oftentimes, the person with hearing loss would know that deep down they have a hearing loss and need to seek help.

3.  Be Empathic

It is important to remain calm when speaking with them. Come from a place of love  & patience rather than frustration and anger. Remember to be empathic.  Listen to their concerns and avoid cutting him or her off. Let your loved one speak out if they are up to it. Explain that you understand their fears and concerns.

4. Be Prepared for common objections

Download our ebook, on hearing loss myths and facts to be able to counter their objections.


Some examples are:-

  1. A hearing aid will make me look different – fact: Untreated hearing loss is more obvious than not using a hearing aid. 
  2.  Hearing loss affects old people and is merely a sign of ageing.    – fact: 1 in 5 people have hearing loss regardless of age. In fact, more of the younger generation are prone to hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to loud noise.

5. Annual hearing check

Tell them that everyone should get their hearing checked annually. Mention that you would get your hearing checked as well.  After all, everyone should have their hearing checked annually so that includes you too.  Plus Clarisound offers a FREE comprehensive hearing check.

6. Encourage other loved ones to speak out too

If it is your mother who is suffering from hearing loss, ask your dad or your siblings to speak out too. So you won’t be the only one. Tell them to repeat what you have said to your mom. Remember, focus on EFFECT. Remind and tell her that you care for her well being.mother with teen daughter

7. Share with them the risk of waiting.

A recent study by John Hopkins and the National Institute of Aging found a correlation between untreated hearing loss and a loss of cognitive function, noting a higher risk of developing forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.

There are many psychological effects of untreated hearing loss, including frustration, withdrawal and depression. Trouble communicating with others creates a strain on relationships and a loss of esteem. Accidents – what if their hearing loss caused them their life or other’s life, for example, the dangers when the fire alarm triggers and they can’t hear etc. It is far better to deal with hearing loss than to pretend it isn’t happening.

8. Remind them that they are not alone. 

  • Around 466 million people worldwide have hearing loss, and 34 million of these are children.
  • It is estimated that by 2050 over 900 million people will have hearing loss.
  • Hearing loss may result from genetic causes, complications at birth, certain infectious diseases, chronic ear infections, the use of particular drugs, exposure to excessive noise, and ageing.

Everyone deserves to hear what the world has to offer! Should you have any questions do contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you. 



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Does hearing loss run in families? Clarisound have been around long enough and had the privilege to meet and serve 3 generations and several members of the family tree!

Yes, hearing loss can impact members of the same family. One way hearing loss can affect families is through genetic inheritance. A person may inherit mutated gene or genes that can cause hearing loss.

And in some cases, a person can inherit the mutated gene but may not experience hearing loss. This person is called a carrier. A carrier of a gene mutation may pass it to their future offspring who might experience hearing loss. Quite often parents are carriers of the genetic disorder but do not experience it themselves.

Valliammai came to us in the year 2001. She was pleased and happy with our exceptional service. In 2004 she introduced her daughter Gnanambihai to us. Thereafter in the year 2014, we met her granddaughter Vanitha. Looking at their audiogram,  their hearing loss is quite similar.

We feel so connected and blessed to be able to assist them to hear well again!. It is such a privilege to know and connect with 3 generations. No words can describe the feeling of being close to the family. We had the privilege to even serve other members of the family. All together we have seen and helped 5 members of their family.

Gnanambihai Family 5 generations photos
Gnanambihai Family (5 generations)

We are truly grateful and thankful for this. This is the reason why we continue to do our best at all times. Rest assured, Clarisound will not only assist you to hear well again but your great-grandparents, grandparents and your future grandchildren too!.

A heartfelt thank you Gnanambihai family for your continuous support and trust in Clarisound Professional Hearing Care over the years.!





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Better Hearing, Better Living!

Yesterday, as everyone was busy getting together still celebrating the lunar new year, our Clarisound team, dined at one of my favourite restaurants ” The Hans Room”. The food was good, the company was even better! We were fortunate to bump into one of our customers. It was a proud moment to see him using his hearing aid :).

So many older people with hearing impairment still do not use any hearing aid systems. More than two-thirds of older non-users say that their hearing is not bad enough or they can do without.  There has been endless of studies and reports stating the link between hearing loss and depression due to isolation, frustration and the list goes on.  

I was actually observing him, wanting to see what was his experience and expressions. Firstly it was great to see him sitting in the restaurant with his family and friends. Public places where people meet to talk can be especially hard for those who are hard of hearing and don’t use any hearing aid systems.

The restaurant was packed, but he was able to communicate to the person next to him. I could see his smile and laughter and it really made me smile inside!

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.07.18 AM

A recently published study, BHI examined the impact of hearing aid users on the specific quality of life factors that affect hearing aid users mental and emotional well-being. More than half of 1800 hearing aid users surveyed said that they attributed their use of hearing aids to improvements in their relationships at home and their social life. Close to half said that they saw improvements in their self-confidence, sense of safety, while one third indicated their mental and emotional life improved. Even the families of hearing aid users also noted the improvements.

So it was indeed a fulfilling day as not only was the dinner scrumptious, the feeling inside you when you know that your customer’s quality of life improved tremendously.


If you or if you know of anyone who is suffering from hearing loss, don’t let them suffer in silence. Clarisound Professional Hearing  Care offers a FREE no-obligation hearing check.




Testimony by Mr Donald Abbott

Testimony by Mr Abbott

I wanted to write and thank Clarisound for greatly improving my hearing and consequently my quality of life. I have been using hearing aids for over three years but never really enjoyed the experience. Sounds- particularly high-pitched sounding noise- often grounded out the person speaking. While my old hearing aids were certainly an improvement to having none at all- it was not an enjoyable experience to wear them. At the end of each workday, it was a relief to take them out as soon as possible.

I booked an appointment with Clarisound to simply explore options. After a free and extensive series of tests, the consultation-added by visually presented data collected- described perfectly the types of hearing challenges was having- the accuracy of the description was quite impressive. Following that they then walked me through the various hearing aid options available- the differences between them and clearly stated the costs up front. In the end, I selected a pair of hearing aids that have made a complete difference compared to my old set- and a complete difference in my quality of life.

Perhaps the best compliment I can give is that I no longer take them out at the end of the workday but wear them from morning until night. The stress of having high-pitched surrounding noises grounding out people I am speaking to is gone- all sounds are “balanced”.

A really useful tool is an app on my phone which allows me to quickly change volume, focus on sounds coming from certain directions, reduce bass and tremble and, if needed, to mute.

Equally impressive has been the support provided by Clarisound. After my initial fitting, I was met again two weeks later for any refinements and offered a further one-month appointment, which I have declined as no further adjustments were required.

This is not a company that takes your money and disappears- I will have a series of periodic check-up appointments at six-month intervals. Additionally, I was using a private medical plan to cover the costs and the staff was very cooperative in making sure that I had all the required paperwork in order to submit my claim.

I am totally impressed with all aspects of my experience-my only regret is that I did not visit Clarisound earlier.

Best wishes,

Donald Abbott


Can you HEAR the fire alarm?

Last Tuesday, Fire broke out at the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) building in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. It was believed to have been caused by sparks during maintenance work on the first floor, outside the building.

So what does this have to do with hearing loss? When you can’t hear well, you won’t be able to hear the sounds that can warn you of impending doom. Well should the fire break out in your office, you are fortunate to have your colleagues around to alert you.  But what if a fire breaks out in your home and you are oblivious to the sounds as you refused to get help for your hearing loss?

Based on a true story

There was an incident a couple of years ago, Mr Liew was watching TV in his living room. He did not believe in getting help for his hearing. He just accepted the fact that losing your hearing is just part and parcel of old age. Of course, he increased the TV volume to the maximum. While enjoying his usual Sunday afternoon sitcom, a fire broke out behind his house. He was very lucky that his next door neighbour was home and knew his predicament!

The neighbours around the neighbourhood were all screaming but Mr Liew was oblivious to the sounds. His next-door neighbour remembered and knew that he had hearing loss, he rushed to his house and looked around and saw him watching TV!!

Mr Liew was just shocked on how his neighbour pushed the door opened, looked around and rudely screamed FIREEEE FIREEEEE RUNNNN!!  ( It just happened so FAST!) Only then, Mr Liew jumped up and hurried along.

What if hearing loss meant your life?


Photo Credit: The Star.






1. Have your hearing aid checked regularly to monitor for battery power and functionality. Properly clean and dry your hearing aid daily with a soft, dry cloth. Don’t forget to pack extra batteries if you are going outstation. Call us at 03 2282 1882, we would be more than happy to assist to check your hearing aid system. Visit us at any of our Clarisound shops.
2. Avoid conversation across long distances. If you need to talk, move closer or ask if you can continue the conversation when you sit closer together.
3. Sit next to your friend/relative whom can help you feel included in conversations and can repeat when you miss out on the words.
4. Sit in well-lit areas so that you can see their facial expressions and lips for visual clues. Your ability to see and follow someone’s lips can play a critical role in helping your brain better process what you are hearing.
5. Speak up. If the music is playing too loud, its okay to ask the host to turn it down. Don’t be afraid to let people know how they can help make the gathering easier for you.
6. Sit in a good spot. It is helpful to sit with a wall behind you and at the corner in a restaurant. Do engage your directional microphone from your phone when necessary.
7. If speaking over the phone is difficult, live video chat instead of calling friends and family. Your ability to see the person you are talking to and follow their lips and gestures can aid your hearing and understanding of the conversation. (Google Hangouts, Skype or Facetime are free apps that you can use).
8. Relax and enjoy – Thanks to the tremendous advancements in hearing aid technology, the modern hearing aid combines elegance with sophistication. Their features deliver outstanding hearing so that wearers can hear effortlessly throughout the day.
Last but not least,  We would like to wish you and your family GONG XI FA CAI!


Treat hearing loss and stay connected with your loved ones this Chinese New Year!

As the lunar new year is just around the corner,  everyone is making plans to go home. The family hometown is exceptionally lively and cheery as everyone returns for the reunion dinner.  This has been a  tradition that has been around for hundreds of generations.  Of all the event taking place over Chinese new year, the reunion dinner is the most important.

While we count the days for the lunar new year and imagine feasting on the scrumptious traditional delicacies, for those suffering from hearing loss, this is a time of social challenge.

All alone during Chinese New Year!
All alone during Chinese New Year!


As studies have proven that untreated hearing loss has serious effects on the quality of life.  Untreated hearing loss leads to isolation, depression, dementia and the list goes on.

Hearing loss is a common problem in adults especially for those who are above 60 years old. In fact, 1 in 5 Malaysians suffers from hearing loss. In many cases, those with untreated hearing loss will avoid interacting with family members.

Studies indicate managing the loss reduces the risk of dementia, depression, anxiety as well as social isolation.

While hearing well, improves our everyday lives, yet most of us take it for granted. Make the effort this year to treat your hearing loss or help your loved one to overcome the stigma of using hearing aids.

Thanks to the tremendous advancement in the hearing aid technology, modern hearing aids are stylish, small and discreet. The modern hearing aid combines elegance with sophistication. Their features deliver outstanding hearing so that wearers can hear effortlessly throughout the day. Directional microphones deliver outstanding binaural performance.

Its’ tiny housing is packed with full of advanced functionality and thanks to the e-charger, there are no batteries to replace! Ask us about the latest hearing aid system. We would be more than happy to assist you.

So make the effort this year and keep the tradition going by connecting with your family this Lunar New Year!.

Lastly, we would like to wish you and your family Gong Xi Fa Cai!.




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