Wireless Hearing Aids Are Safe To Wear

Wireless Hearing Aids Are Safe To Wear

The Covid-19 crisis has increased the perceived health risks to everyone globally. If you are losing your hearing and don’t get good hearing care solutions then your risks of accidents and other unforeseen events, and their consequences, increase even more. Hearing aids restore your hearing and your quality of life, but don’t cost the earth. There are many good value hearing aids currently available on the market, some of them include the latest technology such as Bluetooth® for wireless. Many people often wonder if wireless hearing aids present a health risk. Clarisound can reassure you that wireless hearing aids are safe for you to wear.

Risk-less Hearing Aids

Technological advances make our lives better, and easier, but most of us usually have some niggling doubts about possible side effects with any new product we buy. Some of us remember the early days when mobile phones became popular. Concerns then arose about holding a phone close to your ear for prolonged periods and the possible effects on your head, and brain. Public awareness of wireless hearing technology is growing and hearing healthcare professionals, like Clarisound, can respond to increasing concerns about long-term safety concerns about wearing hearing aids.

International Standards For Hearing Aids

According to the Hearing Review, June 2017, wireless hearing aid systems are being designed to be both effective and safe to use. This study states,

Consumers should be reassured that wireless hearing aids are safe. Hearing aids are strictly regulated medical devices that meet governmental wireless communication standards in addition to existing standards for medical devices.”

The integration of wireless technology and hearing aids has significantly changed and improved the hearing care industry. Now wireless hearing aid users can benefit from smartphone connectivity, while future changes to the Bluetooth® will allow nearly universal hearing aid inter connectivity. In fact, wireless hearing aids open up a plethora of new and useful functionality for hearing aid users in a myriad of locations. Wireless hearing aids go beyond merely adapting your functioning environment, they are part of the world of wireless devices that interact with any number of other wireless devices globally.

Benefits Of Wireless Hearing Aids

Wireless hearing aids allow you to receive the audio from your television or handphone directly into your ears. Make life easy, now you don’t need chords or jacks that get in the way or are awkward. Your new wireless hearing aids effectively become headphones. This hands free solution allows you to multitask as well as enjoy good hearing. What else do you need to enjoy your life to the fullest?

If you are losing your hearing, the main risk you face is not wearing a hearing aid. Just ask one of our professional audiologists at Clarisound.