Free Hearing Check Online

Try An Online Hearing Check For FREE With Clarisound

Lockdown means that many of us have a lot of spare time. Using our new found free time usefully to solve existing problems is a positive way to help you, and your loved ones, get through the Covid 19 crisis together. If you have been putting off, or just ignoring, a health issue or something similar for a while then now is the perfect time to find a solution. If you, or your loved one, think that you have been losing your hearing now you can check your hearing online for free in less than 5 minutes. Clarisound is offering a new hearing check service online.

Good Hearing Online

We all work and play online, all the time. Surfing the internet is one way to stay informed, entertained and even find new opportunities. Watching movies, listening to documentaries and news broadcasts all require good hearing. So if you, or your loved one, think you may be having problems with your hearing why not take a hearing check online. It’s quick, easy and effective and requires no email!

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, check your hearing and find out if your results indicate potential hearing loss, and what you can do about it! Give it a shot right now, it will only take you a minute or so.

Please click on this link:

That was quick and easy wasn’t it? Don’t forget to tell your loved ones and friends about this quick, free online hearing test too!

Follow Up

Now if you have no potential hearing loss indicated by our short questionnaire, you can carry on as ‘new normal’. If our short questionnaire recommends some kind of hearing care solution then please call one of our professional audiologists at Clarisound for a free hearing test. Clarisound’s outlets have now reopened, are easily accessible, and are following SOPs under RMCO. Social distancing with hand sanitiser and wearing face masks dramatically reduce any risks you may face during the Covid 19 epidemic. So will restoring your hearing loss with a hearing aid or other suitable hearing care solution. So why not book a short, free hearing check and consultation with one of Clarisound’s professional audiology consultants and discuss your results of our online questionnaire. There are a wide range of moderately priced hearing aids currently available with the latest technology, including bluetooth, that are easy to use. Clarisound can help you find the most suitable hearing care solutions for you and your loved ones and restore your hearing and quality of life.