Key Workers During CMCO

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Audiologists & Hearing Care Professionals Are Key Workers During CMCO

These days many of us admire doctors and nurses on the front line, working to save lives during the corona virus epidemic. Key workers provide vital services for health and safety, sometimes at considerable personal risk. Audiologists and hearing care professionals are also key workers providing vital and urgent solutions to those with hearing problems during CMCO. If you, or your loved ones, are experiencing any hearing problems during CMCO, our professional hearing care consultants at Clarisound are key workers who are available to help you. Good hearing will help you continue to lead a new normal life and help to keep you and your loved ones safe during the Covid 19 lockdown.

Good Hearing During CMCO

Even if you are a well-organised person, it’s quite possible to lose or mislay your hearing aids. If you are losing your hearing a small mistake like this can lead to panic and even cause accidents. It is important for you and your loved ones to maintain good hearing at all times. Make sure that you have a back up plan in case anything goes wrong. This could include contacting your hearing aid consultant at Clarisound for assistance and advice during an emergency.

New Hearing Aids

Wear and tear mean that hearing aids need to be replaced from time to time just like any other household gadget. If you have been experiencing any issues with your hearing aids during MCO you can now visit one of Clarisound’s outlets and repair or replace your existing hearing aids.

Running Out of Batteries

The MCO period has been long and may possibly continue. If you are wearing hearing aids then you may need to recharge the batteries you use and also make sure that you have a back-up stock of batteries, just in case anything happens. During MCO/ CMCO, Clarisound has been offering home delivery of hearing aid batteries to help you and your loved ones maintain your good hearing whilst you stay home and stay safe. Since CMCO Clarisound’s outlets have reopened so you can also drop in to pick up new supplies of hearing aid batteries too.

Regular Hearing Check-Ups

If you are an existing customer or have been experiencing issues with your hearing during MCO, now’s the time to get your regular hearing check up by one of our professional hearing care consultants. If you haven’t had your hearing checked before but are concerned that you may be losing your hearing drop in to one of our outlets for a free hearing check.

Audiologists are key workers and are able to provide urgent and vital hearing care to you and your loved ones before, during and after CMCO.