Hearing Care Post MCO

Hearing Aids Post MCO: Are Your Ears Ready?

During MCO lockdown many of the aspects of our lives have changed, some of them drastically. We should have been staying at home most, if not all, of the time. This means that our five senses are now receiving different levels of stimulation, daily; watching more movies, reading more, cleaning our homes more, cooking for longer and eating more. If you have a large family then the sounds of conversation may be non-stop, if you are single and alone then you may be using social media and your handphone even more as you totally isolate yourself. Getting your hearing checked post MCO can reassure you that nothing has changed during self-isolation.

Good Vibrations

According to Geoscientists in the UK, staying at home has led to a notable reduction in the hum of ground vibrations generated by human activities such as road traffic and industrial works. Seismometers are normally used to record earthquakes and volcanic activity, but they also track the vibrations in the planet’s upper crust, or seismic noise, caused by humans. Signals from seismometers across the UK found that ambient noise caused by people going about their daily lives has dropped in the last five weeks. Dr Brian Baptie, head of seismology at the British Geological Survey in Nottingham says, “What we have since lockdown is that noise levels at nearly all of our stations have gone down by somewhere between 20 per cent to 50 per cent.”

Sounds of Silence

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Even if you venture out occasionally from lockdown you may notice that the iconic sounds of a busy city have mostly dissipated. These city sounds  that you are used to loving or driving you nuts, may have changed; the noise of traffic jams, birds tweeting, motorcycle deliveries and people chatting. To help bring New Yorkers together, the New York Public Library has released a ‘Missing Sounds of New York’ album to help people in self-isolation reconnect with the familiar  sounds of the city. After a long period of self-isolation and dramatic changes in sounds it’s a good idea to check if your hearing is still the same.

Hearing Care Post MCO

Lockdown is an opportunity to do lots of positive new things. So post MCO why not check that your hearing is still normal. Clarisound has been offering limited services during MCO and now our outlets have reopened. If you were experiencing any hearing difficulties during lockdown then you can now get your hearing checked by one of Clarisound’s professional audiology consultants. Drop in for a free hearing check at one of Clarisound’s outlets post MCO.