How Hearing Aids Help Your Mental Health

Hearing Aids Help Your Mental Health

If you and your loved ones are getting stressed or anxious during the Covid 19 lockdown now is a good time to think about managing yourself, and your hearing. Hearing loss is associated with psychological stress, mental health and depression and social isolation can aggravate these problems. If you are losing your hearing then wearing a hearing aid is a good solution. If you are already wearing hearing aids then maintaining them and making sure they are working optimally is also essential during lockdown.

Good Hearing During Lockdown

Good hearing allows you to adjust to the new normal whilst you are self isolating; if you are a work from home professional then you will need good hearing for your webinars, and why not have an online happy hour with your colleagues too, you may also need to homeschool your kids. Then there are the old pleasures to revisit; watching interesting or fun movies, listening to your favourite old songs and chatting with your loved ones by handphone. Keeping busy and productive will help us all get through lockdown and good hearing is essential to do this.

Hearing Aids & Health Awareness

If you’re dealing with untreated hearing loss, you’re more likely to have mental health concerns, according to a study in 2018 in the Journal of Public Health. Ciaran O’Neill at the Centre for Public Health, Belfast says, “There is emerging evidence of a relationship between hearing impairment and a range of outcomes related to cognition, depression and other aspects of mental health,” adding that he believes many people might not be aware of the connections between hearing loss and general health. This means people are less likely to use hearing aids properly, and less likely to understand the impact hearing loss has on their overall well-being. The study also found that hearing loss was linked to problems with cognition, being independent, mobility and memory, which indicates the need for hearing care solutions.

Hearing Aids Help You & Your Loved Ones

Cognitive impairment means you may have trouble remembering, learning new things, concentrating, or making decisions that affect your everyday life. During self isolation this can aggravate any problems you may encounter. Hearing aids help with cognitive problems. Research suggests that cognitive issues can be related to the isolation and fatigue people with hearing issues feel because of difficulties in communication. According to the National Institute of Health in the US, of adults aged 20 to 69 who could benefit from using hearing aids only approximately 16 percent have ever used them. Now you have plenty of time to check and manage your hearing to maintain your quality of life during lockdown.