Hearing Aids In Times Of Crisis

Hearing Aids In Times Of Crisis

Good hearing is important at any time but in times of crisis it is essential. During the current Coronavirus epidemic you may find that you, and your loved ones, have a lot more free time. Whether you are working from home or have just lost your job, your daily routine has changed. The time you take to do different activities, whether it’s work or play, has also changed. Now’s the time to make good use of your newly found free time.

Time To Check Your Hearing

If you are stuck at home alone, or with your family, you may find the time at home more stressful than usual. According to a recent study in the Journal of Public Health, 2018, if you are suffering from untreated hearing loss, you are more likely to have mental health issues. “There is emerging evidence of a relationship between hearing impairment and depression and other aspects of mental health,” says Ciaran O’Neill at the Centre for Public Health, Queens University Belfast. The study found that hearing aids helped indirectly with cognition, memory and mental health. O’Neill also says that he believes many people might not be aware of the connections between hearing loss and general health. This might make people less likely to use their hearing aids properly, and less likely to understand the impact hearing loss has on their overall health and well-being. So if you are self-isolated at home and are finding it stressful then hearing loss will add to your woes. Good hearing will help you to maintain regular contact with family members, friends and caregivers to reduce feelings of helplessness, depression or anxiety.

Help With Hearing Aids

There is no better time than right now to look into hearing care. If you have recently thought about getting your hearing checked or getting a hearing aid then you have plenty of time to do your homework. Contacting a hearing care professional like Clarisound will help you to decide whether or not you want to get your hearing checked, get a hearing aid or replace an existing hearing aid.

Clarisound is currently providing emergency assistance for hearing aids that have functional problems, and remote battery sales too. We are delivering by grab so you don’t have to leave home. Currently only our Mid Valley and Penang branches are opening by appointment only. If you are alone at home then a friendly chat with one of our professional hearing care consultants is a good first step. It won’t take long. We will help you get through your hearing loss during this crisis together.

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