Hearing Aids And Eating At Home

Hearing Aids And Eating At Home

Everyone needs to eat. Self-isolation during the Coronavirus pandemic changes everyone’s daily routine. Finding things to do to keep yourself, and your loved ones busy whilst you are at home helps beat the boredom. Finding joy, and boosting your immune system, through eating healthy, delicious food is one way to get through these coming months. Home delivery is another option. If you are losing your hearing then wearing a hearing aid will improve your ability to taste what you are eating so make sure that your hearing aid is working and well maintained whilst you are eating at home.

Multi-Sensory Eating

Sound is an important one of your five senses, especially when it comes to eating. You can tell a lot about the texture of a food whether it’s crispy, crunchy, or crackly, from the sounds you hear whilst you are biting and chewing. Some of the latest techniques in the field of cognitive neuroscience are revolutionising our understanding of just how important what we hear is to our experience and enjoyment of food and drink. Recent scientific research now shows that synchronising eating sounds with your consumption of food can change your experience of what you think you are eating. Try eating a crisp or another snack without making a noise. I bet you can’t! What we hear when we bite into food, or take a sip of a drink, plays an important role in our multisensory perception of flavour, it also increases our enjoyment of the overall multisensory experience of eating and drinking. What we hear can help us to identify the textural properties of what we are eating. Scientific studies have shown that crispness and pleasantness are highly correlated when it comes to our rating of foods.

Hearing At Home

If you are ordering home delivery you will need to listen for the sound of your doorbell, that knock on the door or your handphone ringing, for you to receive your food delivery. Sitting at home gives you lots of opportunities to notice things that you seemed to miss before. One of these are the sounds that surround you at home. You need to train your brain to get used to these sounds again and, if you are losing your hearing, the best way to do this is by wearing your hearing aids regularly.

Make your healthy meals at home taste even better with good hearing. If you are losing your hearing then try wear a hearing aid when you are eating at home. It will improve the taste of the food that you are eating and your quality of life.