Hearing on the phone with hearing aids

Hand phones are now the most common method of communication for most people everywhere in the world. So, if you can’t hear clearly through you hand phone it is going to add a lot of stress to your life. Many of us become addicted to using our hand phones for one reason or another. So if you are starting to lose your hearing or are already suffering from hearing loss then continually using your hand phone without hearing properly is a problem that may snowball. There are professional hearing care solutions available to stop this from happening.

Hand phone and hearing aid compatibility

Before you start wearing a hearing aid, or hearing aids, you should check out how compatible it will be with your hand phone. This involves finding out whether your hand phone is designed to output the required magnetic signal that the telecoil in your hearing aid can hear in addition to the audio signal. Some hand phones can cause radio frequency interference with hearing aids, so the user hears high-pitched whistling sounds, buzzes, or even static.

The compatibility of cell phones and hearing aids is improving. Some hand phones have lower radio frequency emissions or use technologies that can reduce undesirable effects on hearing aids. Some hand phone manufacturers now test and rate their wireless handsets’ hearing aid compatibility using the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard. These ratings give an indication of the likelihood a hand phone may interfere with your hearing aids. If you are going to start wearing a hearing aid, or are already wearing one, you should read and understand these ratings when choosing a new hand phone.

Hand phone streaming to your hearing aid

Hearing aid manufacturers have also developed new technologies to get around compatibility problems of hearing aids with hand phones. There are a few new hearing aid features available for you. One of them is to stream phone calls directly to your hearing aids. Signia, a high quality, global hearing aid brand, offers “made for iPhonehearing aids that connect directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod so that you can stream your phone calls and music directly into your hearing aids. With easy pairing using “Bluetooth Low Energy” your hearing aids become wireless stereo headphones.

If you are losing your hearing but still want to enjoy a normal, daily routine then wearing a hearing aid that is compatible with your hand phone is essential. There are a variety of good options to help you achieve this. Just ask one of our professional audiology consultants at Clarisound for some advice.