Wearing a hearing aid improves your studying capabilities

Not everyone likes taking exams. There are lots of smart and intelligent people in the world who aren’t good at passing exams. It is an unfortunate fact of life that passing exams are often necessary to progress in many vocations and passing exams requires memorising information. If you, or your loved one, is studying for a test or exam then hearing loss may reduce your performance. Hearing loss can affect your ability to memorise things and so impairs your studies. If you are suffering from hearing loss then wearing a hearing aid will restore your quality of life, it should also improve your studying capabilities.

Passing the test

If your child is not doing well at school then he, or she, may be suffering from hearing loss. Most people view hearing loss, failing memory and dementia as normal consequences of aging. Whatever age you are your hearing can play a major role in keeping your memory, and your brain, sharp. Hearing loss affects your memory in three main ways;

Stress – When you strain to hear someone or something your brain experiences cognitive overload. This means your brain is working so hard to decipher what people are saying to you that it doesn’t have time to put the information into your memory. The more severe your hearing loss, the more resources your brain has to divert from other tasks to help you understand.

Isolation – When you have to work harder than usual to hear something, you will tend to start isolating yourself. You may quickly get tired of saying “Sorry?” and decide to close yourself off instead. Prolonged social isolation can then lead to depression, changes in your brain and memory loss.

Too much quiet time – When you isolate yourself your brain goes from having to work really hard to not working very much at all. As areas of your brain go unused they may lose their power or be diverted for other functions.

In 2015 a study found that hearing aids help protect your brain’s health and mitigate cognitive decline. Over the course of the 25 year study participants with hearing aids experienced cognitive decline at the same rate as those with normal hearing. If you can catch your hearing loss early you will keep your brain and your memory sharp. Don’t let your hearing loss affect your memory or your studying capabilities.

Even professional audiology consultants have to take exams. So drop in to Clarisound and talk to one of our consultants. Take a free hearing test. You will remember it. It may even help you to pass those exams that you need to take.