Hearing loss in the community

When you start losing your hearing it affects your personal identity. How you hear, and see, yourself and how other people hear, and see, you changes. This doesn’t have to lead to unhappiness and stress but often it can. So rebuilding a happy life involves finding a hearing care solution, such as a suitable hearing aid, that will restore your personal identity and your identity in your communities too. Just think about how your loved ones and friends hear, and see, you before and after you start wearing a hearing aid, or hearing aids.


Hearing aids restore your personal identity

Some people may be shy about going to see a hearing care consultant or wearing a hearing aid. There is no need to be timid or afraid. Wearing a suitable hearing aid will restore your hearing loss and with it your personal confidence, self-esteem and communication ability. Many hearing aids are tiny or even almost invisible, others come in a range of beautiful colours and fashionable shapes that enhance your looks as well as your hearing. You won’t have to feel uncomfortable about wearing a suitable hearing aid, it will help you to restore your personal identity.


Hearing aids in your communities

Whether you are an extrovert who enjoys sports, social clubs and events or an introvert who prefers cosy chats with close friends, hearing loss can impact your ease of communication. How other people perceive you will change. You might find you get dropped from a team because hearing loss is causing your game to suffer, or your golfing buddies can’t enjoy the banter of a stroll around the golf course. If your friends constantly have to ask you to repeat what you’ve just said then enjoyable fireside chats will lose their appeal unless your friends, or loved ones, find effective strategies for communicating with you.


Hearing aids and happiness

Finding, fitting and wearing a hearing aid will help to restore your quality of life and your personal identity in your communities. Other people will notice that you have started to wear a hearing aid, some of them may even compliment you on it. They may congratulate you on being able to get back to being your ‘old self’ again. Your personal image in your community may not be changed much physically by wearing a hearing aid but people will notice that you are back to communicating normally with them.

Who you are is determined by yourself and your place in your communities. Leading a happy and meaningful life can be helped by strengthening your identity and this includes restoring your hearing loss to a natural level. Drop in to Clarisound for a free hearing check.