Recent advances in hearing aids research

If knowledge really is power, take a little time to learn more about recent advances in hearing aid research. This will help you understand your own hearing loss better and how wearing hearing aids can improve all aspects of your quality of life.hearing aids

Some of the most recent advances in hearing aids research have led to;

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 Better hearing aids research

Hearing aids research is active and ongoing and is intended to benefit you, the customer. Every industry strives for customer satisfaction. Professional hearing care is no different with substantial investments of time, money and thinking going into hearing aid research. The results are an evolution towards hearing aids that improve the quality of life for people suffering from hearing loss, globally. Here are some insights into recent advances in hearing aid research globally.

Many of the hearing aids produced today use telecoils and wireless technology. In some specially equipped movie theaters, auditoriums and lecture halls you may be able to use your hearing aid to access “hearing loop” wireless signals. These are beamed directly to your hearing aid which enables it to bypass background noise, improving the clarity and quality of your hearing. Telecoils are needed to pick up these hearing loop wireless signals. This means two hearing aids can communicate with each other so they can operate as one complete hearing system.

Hearing aids can also connect to external sources of sound that are transmitted wirelessly, such as Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows you to stream audio directly into your hearing aids. Some new, smaller in-the-ear hearing aids require the use of a streamer that you can wear around your neck or even keep in your pocket for hands-free use.

Some of the latest hearing aids offer portable rechargeability so you never have to worry about replacing batteries. Just a few hours of recharging and you will be able to use your new hearing aids continuously for many hours.

These new developments come thanks to the latest ongoing research into hearing aids, with more coming soon. Drop in to Clarisound to get your hearing checked and check out the latest hearing care solutions on offer.