Good hearing can increase your earnings

‘Money talks’ is a well-known Chinese expression. That’s great unless you can’t hear it very well. With 10 percent or more of full-time workers globally suffering from hearing loss this affects their productivity and performance at work. It also affects their earnings. A study by The Better Hearing Institute found that hearing loss can lead to around $30,000 in lost income each year. This means that getting your hearing checked and hearing loss treated can restore, or even boost, your earnings. Don’t hesitate to drop in to Clarisound for a professional hearing care check up and some advice.

Better hearing better job

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect your quality of life it affects the quality of your work.

Warning signs of hearing loss at work may include fatigue as you have to spend more energy trying to hear what your colleagues are saying. One consequence of this may be increased sick leave. Struggling to hear your boss, colleagues and clients at work may also lead to increased negative feelings such as loss of confidence in your abilities and lower productivity. This can snowball and hit your Key Performance Indicators. You may then find yourself not meeting the expectations of your employer at your next performance review. Then you may miss out on promotion, be sidelined or even lose your job. Wearing a hearing aid, and restoring your hearing, at work will show your boss and colleagues that you are a problem solver. You will be able to confront and deal with professional issues and get positive solutions. Wearing a hearing aid will also show your peers that you are neither afraid nor vain. Improving your image and performance at work should increase your earnings.

The cost of hearing aids

A new hearing aid won’t cost you the earth. There are many types of hearing aids available on the market and more, new models and technologies becoming available all the time. There are many good value options available. If hearing loss is affecting your performance at work or your employability, it’s easy to calculate the cost of buying a good hearing aid.

The amount of earnings you gain minus the price of a new hearing aid equals the cost of the hearing aid.

You may be surprised to find that buying a hearing aid is ‘free’ in relative terms! The amount of restored or increased earnings should be much more than what you pay for a new hearing aid and what you spend on professional hearing care.

Restoring your hearing will restore your earnings. Make yourself sound good like a good employee. Make your working life sound brilliant.