International Best Practice in hearing care at Clarisound

Activities and methods that are commonly used to identify, implement and monitor the available evidence in hearing care are called ‘international best practice‘. Clarisound offers this to you in Malaysia. With years of professional hearing care industry experience in Malaysia, Singapore and internationally, Clarisound is ideally placed to offer you international best practice hearing care solutions. Following international best practice is good for you, and your loved ones, and for Clarisound as a leading industry provider of hearing aids. Drop in to Clarisound for a free hearing check to find out more.

Clarisound hearing care solutions

Clarisound employs an international best practice framework for the classification of information on maintaining or improving effectiveness in hearing care. Starting with a friendly, free and quick hearing evaluation then hearing aid fitting and follow up meetings.

Clarisound consultants follow international best practice with an initial assessment to quantify and prioritise your hearing problems and expectations with regard to hearing, listening and communication. Hearing needs assessment tools determine your scale of hearing loss, type of hearing loss, and set the outcomes needed in an overall hearing loss assessment. This assessment indicates the need for amplification and leads to recommending the best hearing aid to suit your type of hearing loss at the current time. Clarisound also offers you advice on what not to do such as self-assessment and buying online, low-cost hearing aids that can waste time and money and may cause more harm than good.

Get your hearing checked

Once the need for you to wear hearing aids has been established, a hearing care consultation involves;

  • Appropriate styles, sizes, colours
  • couplers and circuitry
  • Wireless streaming options such as Bluetooth, remote microphones and telecoils
  • Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
  • Other accessories

Finding the right fit

Moving on to fitting and dispensing hearing aids, Clarisound follows protocols that include;

  • Confirm physical fit and comfort for you
  • Instructions for use by demonstration
  • Care and maintenance of hearing aids and accessories
  • Telephone use and connectivity
  • Use in challenging acoustic environments
  • Setting realistic expectations for use and longevity
  • Schedule a post-fitting follow-up consultation

Follow up post-fitting care

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers Clarisound will ask you to come back and visit us after six months to;

  • Validate outcomes against our initial needs assessment
  • Counselling for realistic expectations and successful hearing aid use
  • Daily care of the hearing aids and maintenance schedule
  • Warranty
  • Battery options and use
  • Additional follow-up visits

Following international best practice in hearing care solutions with Clarisound will improve your hearing and your quality of life.