Does the early fitting of hearing aid(s) result in increased patient benefit and/or improved cost-effectiveness of the service?

The benefits to you of wearing a hearing aid is the difference between your life with or without one. A good hearing care consultant will demonstrate to you the changes you will experience when you start to wear a hearing aid. Then it’s up to you to decide if the benefits are enough to buy a hearing aid.

Are you sure you are losing your hearing?

If you keep thinking that you have one illness or another you will spend your whole life running to see a doctor. It’s the same with hearing loss. Don’t waste your time, or the time of a hearing care consultant. If you think you really are suffering from even mild hearing loss get a check up. At Clarisound it’s free, quick and will make positive differences to your quality of life.

The earlier the better

Several studies have documented the impact of untreated hearing loss; significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety, and other psychosocial disorders for people with hearing loss who were not wearing hearing aids. A study by the US government found that people identified early had greater benefit through additional years of use as well as better adaptation to use than those of the same age and hearing impairment who were fitted with hearing aids later.

Systematic screening for hearing loss

Health professionals in general and audiologists in particular, are faced with unprecedented pressures to demonstrate the efficacy of the services they are providing. A good audiologist will assess the effectiveness for a patient who starts to wear hearing aids. This is done in at least two different directions; functional impact and the impact on the quality of your life. Functional impact restores your hearing to it’s previous norm. This means that the quality of your conversations and ability to enjoy every day experiences will also be restored.

Costs effective hearing

The costs of hearing loss to you include loss of productivity. This can lead to unemployment and premature retirement among people. Then there is the societal cost resulting from social isolation, communication difficulties and stigma. These costs are calculated on the basis of the monetary value attached to avoidance of a year lived with hearing loss. Think about it. A small spend on a good quality hearing aid can have significant cost savings for you.

Hearing aids range in price and quality. Finding the right hearing aid, or hearing aids, for you depends on realisation and acceptance of hearing loss. The sooner you get your hearing checked the better, for you.