Sports and Hearing Aids

Sport is life for many people. If that’s the case for you or your loved one then you will need good hearing to keep your sporting life alive. Being involved in sport may range from supporting your favourite team to getting  your weekly exercise. Whether you like playing sports or just watching them you will need good hearing to do both. Hearing loss means that you will be less likely to be able to play sports well and won’t be able to enjoy watching them either. So if you are suffering from hearing loss get your hearing checked, it will improve the quality of your sporting life.

What’s your game?

Our father loved golf. As he became older he lost his hearing. He started to miss the roar of the crowd, the banter, the live commentaries. It took quite some time before our mother convinced him to start wearing a hearing aid. By then he was too old to play golf anymore, but he still sat and watched sports on TV. All day. Dad watched Formula One, World Cup football, international rugby, Wimbledon and golf and more or less any other sports he could find on TV. After the matches were over we used to sit and chat about that great goal, that missed pass or put. Once he started wearing his hearing aid we didn’t have to sit in the next room to enjoy watching the TV. Dad wearing his hearing aid restored our exciting family enjoyment of watching sport together.

Playing the game

If you are an active sportsman, or sportswoman, good hearing matters to you on and off the field. If you are losing your hearing and want to keep playing sports wearing a hearing aid is essential. You will need a hearing aid to hear your coach clearly whilst you are training. Wearing a hearing aid also gives you greater situational awareness, and can even support your balance. You’ll need to hear your teammates well to interact with them on the pitch and listen to your manager’s debrief after the match. Hearing aids don’t have to be cumbersome. Some of the latest models of hearing aids are lightweight and almost invisible. You can simply fit your new hearing aid into your ear with ease and get on with playing the game.

Football or golf, rugby or badminton. Watching or playing different sports involves so much activity that is all related to good hearing. Improve the quality of your game, whatever it is, by getting your hearing checked. Then get on with enjoying the sporting life. Ask one of our consultants at Clarisound for advice about hearing aids and sports.