Streaming from your smartphone to your hearing aid

Hearing loss doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy your life. If you get a lot of enjoyment out of chatting with friends, listening to music or watching movies then hearing loss affects this. Don’t worry. New technology in hearing aids means that you can stream your phone calls, music and other media directly into your hearing aids.


Direct streaming is the ability to transmit live audio from a mobile device to your hearing aids. There are many advantages to streaming over traditionally downloaded media. Sound and visual quality of the media is greatly improved by streaming media, so long as you have good internet speed. The quality and type of streaming varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. Some high quality hearing aids are able to provide hassle-free music streaming in high quality stereo, while other hearing aids only support mono, or no streaming at all.

Hearing aids made for iPhone

Signia ‘made for iPhone’ hearing aids connect directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. This allows you to stream directly into your hearing aids. With easy pairing, intuitive usage and high energy efficiency via their special ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’ protocol, your hearing aids become wireless stereo headphones. Sounds good? Accompanied by the specially designed myControl App, these new hearing aids offer you great connectivity for audio streaming, with remote control, all at your fingertips. If you have an android phone then you can use Bluetooth functionality for audio streaming by using the StreamLine Mic accessory too.

Good sound quality and functionality

If you get a phone call while you are streaming music or watching TV, then you will hear the ringtone of the phone call and the music streaming will be paused automatically. As soon as your call ends the music, or other sound, streaming continues from where it left off. This technology also allows you to adjust your hearing aids’ microphone input level  to help you get the right balance of audio and outside noise. During streamed phone calls, the hearing aid can still pick up sounds in the environment, but at a lower volume. It’s the same when watching you are watching TV or listening to music. So you can hear if someone is calling you or needs your attention.

If the quality of your life depends on your favourite TV show or chatting with your family or close friends then streaming to your hearing aid will restore your quality of life if you are suffering from hearing loss. Ask our experienced consultants at Clarisound for more information.