How to choose the right hearing aid for you?

A good audiologist will offer you a choice of hearing aids and let you choose yourself. After your initial, free and quick hearing check at Clarisound our consultant will give you feedback on your current hearing status. If you are suffering from hearing loss then finding the right hearing aid for you involves choosing the most suitable device.

Hearing aids come in many shapes, forms and sizes. There are a lot of different brands to choose from. Our experienced consultants know the market well. We can offer you a selection of one or more suitable hearing aids currently available.

Price versus performance

The hearing aids we offer range from basic through standard to premium. From around RM3,000 to more than RM12,000. Some people can only manage the lowest cost option whilst for others price is less of a concern. Most people like value for money. Each price range comes with different performance levels. The most suitable hearing care solution for you will depend on the type of hearing loss you are suffering from and the degree of impact it is having on you and those around you.

Satisfactory hearing aids

Finding the right hearing aid for your personal satisfaction depends on your perceptions and your expectations. When you are being shown one or more suitable hearing aid, or hearing aids, please listen carefully to our consultants’ advice. If you have a budget limit, tell us. If you would like a particular colour or style, do let us know.

Customer satisfaction can be gauged from sociology theory which tells us that:

Satisfaction is perceptions minus expectations.

Try applying this when you are deciding on which hearing aid to choose and it may help.

What level of satisfaction are you looking for? Affordable but effective or ultimate performance in any situation? At Clarisound our aim is for you to be very satisfied with your hearing care. If you buy a standard quality hearing aid expecting premium performance, you are likely to be disappointed. Take a look at the range of hearing aids on offer that will match your own criteria for satisfaction.

When you are looking for the right hearing aid, or hearing aids, for you or your loved ones, get some professional guidance. Then make your own choice. If you want a truly satisfying return to good hearing and great quality of life contact us at Clarisound.