Rechargeable Hearing Aids

We have lately been fitting a lot of the new Signia Pure Charge & Go NX recently and we have found this to be a revolutionary product. Not only does it remove the need for hearing aid battery handling (which many people find to be troublesome) it also allows the direct streaming of sound from mobile phones and TV’s without the need to hang any other devices around the neck. Crystal clear TV and clear phone calls are helping people regain their enjoyment of these things.

The Signia NX technology provides clear sound even in noisy places and delivers a more natural experience than any other hearing aids we have fitted. We are the harshest critics of hearing aids and we know when we have good instruments form the smiles on the faces of our customers when they come in for their follow up appointments.

We are looking forward to things improving still further as technology keeps on getting better. In the hands of our experts modern hearing aids really can change lives.pure charge & go