15 Famous people and celebrities with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect any and everyone. Regardless of age, gender or creed. It should, therefore, be no surprise that some of the rich and famous also suffer from hearing loss and as a result, need to use hearing aids.

Can you name the 15 celebrities and famous people that suffer from hearing loss?

Some Fun Facts

Eric Clapton uses hearing aids as a result of his exposure to concerts and loud music (noise-induced hearing loss). The former president of United States,  Bill Clinton, has partial hearing loss in both ears.  He attributes his hearing loss to harmful decibels from harmful rifles, loud music, and noisy political rallies. He now wears hearing aids.

Tv host, actress, and comedian Whoopi Goldberg have been using hearing aids for the last few years. She claims that listening to loud music was one of the main causes of hearing loss.

An interesting fact, Thomas Edison, the great inventor has hearing loss. In his case, his hearing loss was hereditary and not as a result of exposure to noise, accident etc. Both his father and son experience the same hearing loss. This would be known as congenital hearing loss. Recently, we had a customer with the same case (genetic inheritance)

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