Effects on Hearing : Cancer, Chemotherapy and Hearing Loss

Regardless of age, cancer patients may experience a variety of common side effect caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapies such as nausea and hair loss. But many people may be unaware that hearing loss is also a common side effect.


Reaching out: It is important to always reach out!

Hearing may sometimes be affected after treatment for some types of head and neck cancer, such as nasopharyngeal cancer. Hearing loss may start gradually in the first two years after treatment.

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Essentially for some, the chemotherapy and chemotherapy byproducts seem to injure the hair cells within the ear, and the person initially loses their hearing. As the chemotherapy is given further, more damage occurs to the hair cells. So its important to always check with your hearing care professional after several treatments on your level of hearing.

At times, your doctor may lower the dosage of cisplatin. Unfortunately, lowering the cisplatin dose or holding off on the agent completely isn’t an option for everyone.


Adapting to changes in your hearing may take time. However, support is available. It is important that you seek counselling and assistance from support groups near your home or even at the hospital.  Support groups can be a good place to share experiences and find out what other people have found helpful.

Below are some tips for managing your hearing loss:-

  • Tell people your hearing is not good.
  • Find a well-lit place to have your meeting – so you are able to read their lips. ( Visual Clues)
  • Ask the person talking to face you and get your attention before beginning to speak.
  • Ask them to speak clearly and not too fast.
  • Hearing aid systems –  Hearing aid systems can help with hearing loss. There are many options available. Should you require more information about hearing aid systems and if you would like to discuss about them, feel free to contact us at  http://www.clarisound.com/contact-us.html

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