Does hearing loss run in families? Clarisound have been around long enough and had the privilege to meet and serve 3 generations and several members of the family tree!

Yes, hearing loss can impact members of the same family. One way hearing loss can affect families is through genetic inheritance. A person may inherit mutated gene or genes that can cause hearing loss.

And in some cases, a person can inherit the mutated gene but may not experience hearing loss. This person is called a carrier. A carrier of a gene mutation may pass it to their future offspring who might experience hearing loss. Quite often parents are carriers of the genetic disorder but do not experience it themselves.

Valliammai came to us in the year 2001. She was pleased and happy with our exceptional service. In 2004 she introduced her daughter Gnanambihai to us. Thereafter in the year 2014, we met her granddaughter Vanitha. Looking at their audiogram,  their hearing loss is quite similar.

We feel so connected and blessed to be able to assist them to hear well again!. It is such a privilege to know and connect with 3 generations. No words can describe the feeling of being close to the family. We had the privilege to even serve other members of the family. All together we have seen and helped 5 members of their family.

Gnanambihai Family 5 generations photos
Gnanambihai Family (5 generations)

We are truly grateful and thankful for this. This is the reason why we continue to do our best at all times. Rest assured, Clarisound will not only assist you to hear well again but your great-grandparents, grandparents and your future grandchildren too!.

A heartfelt thank you Gnanambihai family for your continuous support and trust in Clarisound Professional Hearing Care over the years.!





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