Better Hearing, Better Living!

Yesterday, as everyone was busy getting together still celebrating the lunar new year, our Clarisound team, dined at one of my favourite restaurants ” The Hans Room”. The food was good, the company was even better! We were fortunate to bump into one of our customers. It was a proud moment to see him using his hearing aid :).

So many older people with hearing impairment still do not use any hearing aid systems. More than two-thirds of older non-users say that their hearing is not bad enough or they can do without.  There has been endless of studies and reports stating the link between hearing loss and depression due to isolation, frustration and the list goes on.  

I was actually observing him, wanting to see what was his experience and expressions. Firstly it was great to see him sitting in the restaurant with his family and friends. Public places where people meet to talk can be especially hard for those who are hard of hearing and don’t use any hearing aid systems.

The restaurant was packed, but he was able to communicate to the person next to him. I could see his smile and laughter and it really made me smile inside!

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A recently published study, BHI examined the impact of hearing aid users on the specific quality of life factors that affect hearing aid users mental and emotional well-being. More than half of 1800 hearing aid users surveyed said that they attributed their use of hearing aids to improvements in their relationships at home and their social life. Close to half said that they saw improvements in their self-confidence, sense of safety, while one third indicated their mental and emotional life improved. Even the families of hearing aid users also noted the improvements.

So it was indeed a fulfilling day as not only was the dinner scrumptious, the feeling inside you when you know that your customer’s quality of life improved tremendously.


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