Testimony by Mr Donald Abbott

Testimony by Mr Abbott

I wanted to write and thank Clarisound for greatly improving my hearing and consequently my quality of life. I have been using hearing aids for over three years but never really enjoyed the experience. Sounds- particularly high-pitched sounding noise- often grounded out the person speaking. While my old hearing aids were certainly an improvement to having none at all- it was not an enjoyable experience to wear them. At the end of each workday, it was a relief to take them out as soon as possible.

I booked an appointment with Clarisound to simply explore options. After a free and extensive series of tests, the consultation-added by visually presented data collected- described perfectly the types of hearing challenges was having- the accuracy of the description was quite impressive. Following that they then walked me through the various hearing aid options available- the differences between them and clearly stated the costs up front. In the end, I selected a pair of hearing aids that have made a complete difference compared to my old set- and a complete difference in my quality of life.

Perhaps the best compliment I can give is that I no longer take them out at the end of the workday but wear them from morning until night. The stress of having high-pitched surrounding noises grounding out people I am speaking to is gone- all sounds are “balanced”.

A really useful tool is an app on my phone which allows me to quickly change volume, focus on sounds coming from certain directions, reduce bass and tremble and, if needed, to mute.

Equally impressive has been the support provided by Clarisound. After my initial fitting, I was met again two weeks later for any refinements and offered a further one-month appointment, which I have declined as no further adjustments were required.

This is not a company that takes your money and disappears- I will have a series of periodic check-up appointments at six-month intervals. Additionally, I was using a private medical plan to cover the costs and the staff was very cooperative in making sure that I had all the required paperwork in order to submit my claim.

I am totally impressed with all aspects of my experience-my only regret is that I did not visit Clarisound earlier.

Best wishes,

Donald Abbott