Changing Lives! This is what Clarisound Professional Hearing Care is all about.

We are pleased to share another testimony by our customer Fred.  We are all smiles at Clarisound. This is the reason why we keep going …

Dear Kieran

Mine is another success story you can add to your list. We first tried to solve my hearing problems almost eight years ago, in 2009, without much success. You and your staff tried, but the technology was not up to the task.

By 2009, the technology was good, but I could not adapt to having the sound driven into my head. After having tried a dozen different models over 40 years, I had given up hope. I could not use any hearing aid for more than four hours a day, three days per week.

And so this year, when you proposed the Siemens Signia Motion device, I suspended my disbelief only because I trust you. And that has paid off. big time.

From the start, even before I left your office, I knew we had finally found something that works. I almost deaf, but as soon as you fitted this new device, could I hear like I could when I was 30 years old.

Now, first thing in the morning, I plug in my “new ears” and 16 hours later I put them in the charging device so they are ready next morning. Right from day one, every day, even when I am not going anywhere and nobody is visiting. Not only that, but this Easytek thing I wear around my neck connects me without wires to my smartphone and my tablet. So I can listen on the phone or watch Youtube without bothering anyone and still hear what’s going on around me.

Best investment I have made for home and work, because I can now hear not only the words, but also the tones of voice that carry the emotions of the speaker. Great for meetings and also with family and friends.

I hear both the words and the feelings behind the words. I don’t know how close the new Signia gets to natural sound, but I now hear the birds and the rain and the wind in the trees.

Thanks for changing my life and for the better