Hearing impaired person wish people knew about hearing loss

Here is a list of 7 key facts that every hearing impaired person wish people knew about their hearing loss. Yes, even though the person is using hearing aid device,  please read this so that you can support them.

I cant hear you if you dont face me


  1. Don’t talk to me when you are in another room.
  2. Face me when you talk to me and ensure that your lips are VISIBLE
  3. Don’t talk to me and walk away – it will not help, I would not be able to hear you.
  4. When I ask you to repeat your words, please do not SHOUT or say the same thing louder, it is not the volume of your speech, its the word recognition, Perhaps you could change your words.
  5. Don’t speak for me, I am not a child, I can answer, however I  would need the speaker to speak clearly and not cover their mouth.
  6. Be patient and supportive, I am trying my level best to hear you.
  7. When I am watching the TV or when there are a lot of back ground noises or people around me are talking, please get my attention first before speaking to me.