Hearing aid make a great difference, especially in relations with significant others. Hearing aids users say that by using hearing aids it has a positive impact on their lives. Today, I will be listing the 49 positive impacts of using hearing aid. This is a compilation from our own customers. They have said goodbye to hearing loss! We have helped change their lives!


Pic : Embracing my new life! Saying goodbye to hearing loss! Now I can hear better as the hearing experts have helped me!

  1. My quality of life has improved!
  2. I can now hear the TV without making the others complain that the volume is up too loud!
  3. I have no more excuses not to answer the doorbell like when I had hearing loss – because I can now hear it .
  4. I can talk with much confidence especially with my business associates working is more fun now!
  5. I am now involved in conversations.
  6. People no longer say “never mind” after repeating things twice …
  7. I no longer feel frustrated.
  8. I can enjoy the sounds of life again!
  9. Conversations become more interactive.
  10. I am able to  enjoy indoor & outdoor activities meaningfully without any discomfort or hindrance.
  11. My relationship with my husband is better.
  12. I can hear my children now.
  13. I can hear the birds chirping again!
  14. I have more confidence when I am chairing the meeting now!
  15. People are not mumbling around me now.
  16. I can now have better communication with my partner, so my partner can stop complaining about me.
  17. I can now unwind with my favourite music.
  18. I can hear over the phone without asking them to drop me a message.
  19. My children and partner are not shouting at me anymore!
  20. I don’t feel isolated as I am more  involved in conversations.
  21. I can hear the sermon in church. It’s just wonderful!
  22. My wife and children can no longer gossip  about me when I’m present.
  23. I don’t feel embarrassed anymore especially when I use to talk so loud
  24. My family and friends claim that I talk gently and softer.
  25. Misunderstanding communications have been greatly reduced
  26. My risk of falling has lessened as I can hear the warning signs
  27. The onset of dementia is less likely
  28. My self-confidence is returning and I enjoy going out again.
  29. I feel more secure and relaxed when driving
  30. I can hear my grandchildren talk, laugh and sing.
  31. At work,I no longer feel pressured  as now I can perform my duties with confidence.
  32. Now I can talk normally without raising my voice too loudly. My loved ones no longer feel awkward and embarrassed bringing me out to dine and shop.
  33. There are choices for me, whether to hear it or mute it.
  34. With hearing loss, I managed to register myself under O.K.U, and enjoy benefits which normal people can’t.
  35. Birds ! I had forgotten them! Now I can enjoy the melodious sounds of the birds chirping.
  36. I can now have lunch with my family in a busy restaurant and get involved in the conversation.
  37. It just got promoted as I perform better at work!I can communicate with my clients effectively now.
  38. Now I can enjoy back my limited edition opera music with my family.
  39. I feel safer on street as I’m aware of the surrounding sounds.
  40. My social phobias have reduced.
  41. Now, I’m able to keep up  with what my lecturer says.
  42. The risk of being depressed has reduced significantly as  I feel more connected to the world.
  43. I no longer feel angry towards myself and I had stopped self-criticism.
  44. No more lip reading! YES!
  45. No more missing out on words!
  46. I have stopped guessing words during conversations! It is a big deal!.
  47. Yes, I can now play mahjong and have conversations while playing.
  48. I am no longer a laughing stock as I kept getting my words jumbled! Eg ” My wife says’ You should get your ears checked  and I thought she said ” I should get a hairy chest?%^&
  49. I can sing and dance to my favourite jazz music! I got my SOUL back as music was a part of me!

Thank you! Clarisound Professional Hearing Care – you  are indeed our preferred hearing specialist.

If you know of any one who has hearing loss or may need a hearing check, please do contact us.


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