Tips for better hearing with your new hearing aids

According to statistics,  1 in 5 Malaysians suffer from hearing difficulties which can be easily addressed by professionally fitted hearing aids.


Welcome back to the WORLD OF SOUND!  Our hearing absorbs acoustic information from our surroundings and relays it to our brain. The longer you live with untreated hearing loss, the more your brain loses its ability to process speech and noises. That’s why it is so important to gradually get used to your new life with a hearing aid in the first few days, without over taxing yourself and your hearing. When you first start using your new hearing aids, all the sounds can be overwhelming as you have been accustomed to not hearing them for a long period of time.

Hearing aids generally require a transition period before the benefits are fully realised. Everyone will adjust at their own speed.

Congratulations! As you have taken a great step to reconnect yourself to the world! Below are some valuable tips to assist you:-

  1. Take your time to learn –   allow our audiologist or our professional hearing care consultant  to guide you on the hours you need to charge it, how to handle the batteries, how to insert the hearing aid into your ears then learn from telling the left hearing aid to the right.
  2. Familiar sounds – Start in a quiet room at home. First get used to the new sound quality. Sounds like the ticking of a clock, the humming of a computer, the beep of the microwave or the rustling of clothes or paper may seem very loud to you at first, because you have not been hearing them properly for a long time.
  3. Adjust to your own voice  –  At first, you may not recognise  the sound of your own voice. This is because you can now hear yourself clearly with the help of your hearing aids . It is good to practice reading aloud to yourself so that you can adjust the volume of your voice.
  4. Make notes  – write down difficult situations and describe and what any unpleasant noises were like. This information will help your hearing care professional to fine tune the devices better for you.
  5.  Give yourself time – When you are gradually beginning to get used to wearing the hearing aids, wear them in more difficult environments such as the office, at parties or in restaurants. These can be difficult even for people who can hear normally. Give yourself time to regain your ability to hear in these difficult situations.
  6.  Focus on a single speaker -When you are first trying to hear in large groups   – it is advisable to focus on a single speaker at at time, don’t listen to the group. It will help if you can move closer to the person you want to hear and watch his / her lips
  7. Wear them even when you don’t want to –  It is important to wear them everyday from (8 to 10 hours)  so that you will be comfortable wearing them in all surroundings in any environment.

Be patient – it can be overwhelming, but once you are used to it will be like second nature! Enjoy it as research have shown that 90% of those wearing hearing aids have improved their quality of life. Should you have any questions, we are here to assist you.




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