Silence is not always golden! Impact of hearing loss on your love ones.



“It wasn’t always like this you know!  Then she continued, we used to share our thoughts, decisions, those long deep conversations about life and he would always tease me”. Now…. she looked at her grumpy frustrated husband then she turned her head and looked at our hearing care professional helplessly and a tear rolled down her frail cheek. Her eyes say all that is necessary.

Mrs Janson loved her husband dearly.  They have been married for over 50 years  and she really wants to make the rest of her life the best of her life with him. She wanted to get her husband back!

Sometimes, hearing care consultants not only assist the hearing impaired person , but their love ones. We understand the huge impact that it has on one’s life and their love ones.

So looking at this gentle lady,  we knew what we had to do. We do this daily, we help those who have loss their hearing accept it, we help them find better solutions to avoid living half a life.  We counselled Tom, we then explained to him the available options. Thereafter, we found the right pair of hearing aid that best fits his needs to ensure that he gets the best from the device.

Using a hearing aid will take time to adjust as suddenly you can hear sounds that you have forgotten about and it can of course be overwhelming!

Approximately about 6 months down the line, during the follow up session, Mrs Janson was a much happier person. Her smile told us everything!. Tom! on the other hand was still grumpy but living a  much better life as we rescued him from the purgatory of silence!


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