Life changing moment


He was 93 years old and have been living with hearing loss for a decade or more. His children found it hard to communicate with him. They miss having those long conversations  and sharing their stories with him.  Many times they have tried to convince him to get his hearing checked  but he just refused.  He is an animal lover, his best friend was of course his dog . At times he would call his dog too loudly that even his dog would be too afraid of him. Deep down inside, he missed the sound of the birds chirping he just accepted the fact that he may never hear them again.

He was Mr Lee.  After much persuasion by his daughter, he finally agreed to get his ears checked.  She brought him to our outlet at Clarisound Centre Point, Bandar Utama. This was a life changing moment for him and his family.

Our professional hearing consultant, checked his hearing and found a pair that was suitable for him which was the Pure 3px. She fitted the hearing aids. She made it as comfortable as she could for him.

Today, Mr Lee would share many stories with his family, at times, he would talk for 1  and a 1/2 hours or more. A moment that really touched their heart was when he told them that he was overjoyed as he could now hear the birds chirping and it was melodious to his ears. Oh! how he missed those sounds so much. He shares with them on how the birds are always on time everyday, waiting for him to feed them. Today, he looks forward to coming for his appointments.  He will always share stories with us and he ensures that his whole family comes with him. It is truly a life changing moment.


At times it becomes more and more difficult to convince a loved one to correct the condition. Not only have seniors put more and more coping mechanisms in place as time goes by, but they have likely suffered secondary effects such as depression, isolation, or cognitive decline. If you do have a love one who is going through his, call us and let us assist you.

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