Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Changing batteries is one of the biggest complaints of hearing aid users. Hearing aids are evolving in all aspects, all the time. Most of us plug our mobile phones into charge at night before we go to sleep. Nowadays it’s the same for your hearing aids but with evolving technology there are newer, even more convenient hearing care solutions available.

When hearing aids were first used they were powered by batteries. Not every battery matched any given hearing aid. Size was important. Hearing aids must be used daily and most batteries lasted an average of between one to three weeks. This caused inconvenience entailing maintenance time and costs.

Image result for signia rechargeable hearing aidsHearing aids then evolved through the accumulator. This supplies energy through an integrated rechargeable battery system so batteries don’t have to be replaced continuously. The most common types of rechargeable hearing aid batteries are nickel Cadmium and lithium-ion. Nickel Cadmium batteries usually last around one year whilst lithium-ion last for a number of years.


Battery Free Hearing Aids

At Clarisound we are often asked to fit the new Signia Pure Charge & Go NX for our customers. It’s a revolutionary hearing aid launched in 2018. Not only does it remove the need for hearing aid battery handling, it also allows the direct streaming of sound from your mobile phones and your TV without the need for any other devices. Wonderfully clear TV listening and phone calls will help you restore your enjoyment of life after hearing loss. The Signia NX technology provides clear, high quality, sound even in noisy places and delivers a natural hearing experience.

The Future of Hearing Care Solutions





Here are some future trends to look out for when you are deciding on the right hearing aid for you:

  • More rechargeable options for hearing aids.
  • Shape and style of hearing aids. Signia led the way with their new Styletto model adding style to the look of your hearing aid. You may see future hearing aid designs that look like wireless earbuds
  • More companies developing multifunctional communication devices.

In your follow up appointments with one of our Clarisound hearing care professionals don’t forget to ask about the latest developments. We will keep you informed so you can find the best hearing care solutions that will transform your quality of life.



Hearing aids can help resolve depression

Depression is a common affliction. Sometimes people don’t talk about it. If you or your loved one have ever suffered from even mild depression it may be related to hearing loss. Getting your hearing checked can be a first step towards resolving this. Restoring your hearing to a good level will restore your quality of life and may help cure depression.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think, and how you act. They found;

  • Depression is a chronic disease that must be monitored
  • The causes of depression may involve a combination of genetic, biological, psychological and environmental factors

If you haven’t suffered from depression before you may not recognise the symptoms. Ask yourself: over the last two weeks have I felt depressed or hopeless? Have I lost interest or pleasure in doing things? If your, or your loved one’s, answer is ‘Yes’, you should think about getting professional help. This may be related to hearing loss.

As early as 1990 research published found that hearing aids are a successful treatment for reversing social, emotional, and communication dysfunctions caused by hearing impairment. Further research found that hearing aids may lead to improvements in cognition and depression.

In 2013 a study of over 1,000 people in their 70s who had completed audiometric testing and  screening for depression found that nearly 60% of the participants had a more than 25 decibels hearing loss, and  7% met the criteria for a depressive disorder. One explanation hearing care professionals can offer you is that audiological treatment helps promote social engagement and so reduces depressive symptoms.

In 2016, researchers at Johns Hopkins tracked people using hearing aids. They found that greater loneliness was associated with people with hearing loss. They also found that increased communication difficulties, and poorer emotional well-being were all moderately or highly correlated with loneliness.

Leading a good life is, in large part, dependent on the quality of your social relationships and interactions. For you to be happy and flourish you need to have positive and meaningful personal relationships. If you are an extrovert with hearing impairment you will miss lively chats and laughs with friends and strangers, family and others. If you are an introvert then hearing loss may hold you back even more from communicating with other people.

Don’t get lonely or depressed. Get your hearing checked. Drop in to Clarisound for a free, quick hearing check or book an appointment online.



Your Journey to Better Hearing

Life is a journey. It is better travelled with good hearing. On your journey you may find your body and mind becoming less and less able due to natural ageing, declining health or some unfortunate incident. All of these problems have solutions. If you are losing your hearing there are many solutions available for you.

After you have had your hearing checked and assessed you can choose from a range of solutions. This will get you started on your journey to better hearing and a better quality of life. Once you are fitted with a hearing aid, or hearing aids, at Clarisound, rehabilitation is the next step. How long rehabilitation takes depends on your individual circumstances, the severity and nature of the hearing loss. The worse the loss, the longer the rehabilitation may take.

Learning to use hearing aids

Your hearing rehabilitation may involve hearing aids. Learning to use hearing aids or any new technology requires care and maintenance. Simple do’s and don’ts apply to your new hearing aid too.


  1. Clean your hearing aid after use. Spend a few minutes each day to wipe your hearing aid with a soft cloth. Stop grease and dust from building up. Buy an inexpensive cleaning kit.
  2. Store your hearing aid in a special container. Use a brightly colored container so you don’t lose it. Don’t put it in your pocket.
  3. Invest in a dehumidifier. They are not expensive and will help keep the electrical components dry.


  1. Wear your hearing aid in the shower or when you go swimming (unless your device is certified waterproof).
  2. Spray anything near your hearing aid.
  3. Take your hearing aid in to your shower room and allow condensation to affect it.

Remember to clean your ears regularly, at least once a month, to stop wax building up.

Hearing Rehabilitation Goals

When you first start using hearing aids even the sound of your own voice sounds different from before. Rehabilitation can be helped by reading a newspaper or a magazine out loud in order to get used to the sound of your own voice again. If you can, try to keep a journal, or at least a mental note, of how your rehabilitation is progressing.

Start off by setting yourself hearing goals. Then share these goals with your family and your Hearing Care Provider. It’s our job at Clarisound to listen to you. Setting goals helps to get you motivated. Your hearing goals can be daily routine ones, or more personal. Every day you may need to

  • Talk on the telephone with your loved ones
  • Listening to music for relaxation or enjoyment
  • Order a shopping delivery or a meal

Achieving your hearing goals will build your confidence. Reach your hearing goals with Clarisound.

Styletto – Hearing in Style

Most people want to look good. Being concerned about your personal appearance is important. Whether it is the clothes you wear, a good haircut, or even a smart pair of shoes, looking good is good for your self-esteem. It’s the same thing when you wear hearing aids.


Losing your hearing may make you feel less able but wearing a hearing aid doesn’t need to make you look any less attractive. After your free hearing check up and hearing assessment at Clarisound you will be offered a range of hearing aids to choose from. We have a wide range of hearing aids; different styles, different colours and different prices.

Take a look at a Styletto hearing aid. Styletto hearing aids combine stylish design and high-tech performance. With portable Lithium-ion rechargeability they will give you crystal clear sound quality. If you are working long hours, or travel a lot, good battery life is important. All Styletto hearing aids are equipped with a powerful battery that will give you a full day of use. Styletto features a pin-shaped battery. This size and shape allows a


slimmer design that will make your hearing aid look sleek as well as stylish. Not only that these modern hearing aids are “made for IPhone” so you can stream calls and audio directly to your hearing aids. Not an Iphone user – don’t worry there options for Android also.

One feature included in Styletto hearing aids is a first of its kind – Own Voice Processing Technology (OVPTM). When you start using a hearing aid for the first time you may need time to adjust to the new way you hear your own voice. This can be challenging for some people. You may not like the way you sound through your new hearing aid. Styletto helps you with this by incorporating OVP technology to give you the most natural sound of your own voice possible. You’ll quickly get used to listening to the sound of your own voice and it gives you a better understanding of others. Styletto hearing aids are equipped with some of the best speech processing technology currently available. This allows you to cut through outside noise to better understand your conversations with others.

You may not necessarily be looking for a higher priced hearing aid. But think of the value before deciding on the right hearing aid for you. Styletto hearing aids are top of the range. They come with a multitude of benefits, not just their stylish appearance; easy to manage, easy to maintain, long lasting power and first rate technology. Combined with our vast experience and Person Centred Care we can ensure a great experience for our clients.



Make yourself look good and hear better with Styletto hearing aids. Restore your functionality in style with Styletto.

How do I motivate someone to use hearing aids?

When you tell someone that you love them make sure they can hear you properly. If your mother or father has just acquired a hearing aid tell them it looks great on them. Do the same for your husband or wife. Remind them of all the problems they had before they got their new hearing aid. As well as the problems that you had too.

Hearing aids from Clarisound look great small and discreet. Reassuring and supporting someone often helps to get them to do something.

There are a variety of styles on offer at Clarisound ranging from “Invisible” in the ear hearing aids and to others that use colours that match your hair or skin. Blending in a hearing aid to the person can help them come to terms with their hearing disability or a change in their personal appearance. A well-chosen hearing aid will enhance your quality of life without affecting your image.

Get your parent or spouse to start a new routine. Make sure one of the first things they do in the morning is put their hearing aids on. Habits form who you are as a person. If your parent or spouse is elderly and forgetful they may just not remember to put their hearing aid on in the morning. Give them a gentle reminder or leave a note!

If your loved one does wear their new hearing aid without prompting, praise them regularly. They may start off wearing their new hearing aid then slowly start to stop wearing it. Keep the momentum going by monitoring them. If they forget one day or simply decide they don’t like it, prompt them gently. Ask them, “Did you forget to put your hearing aid on? It looks so great!”

There are new models of hearing aids becoming available all the time. Technology and styling are constantly evolving. Clarisound offers a full range of hearing aids to suit all needs as well as budgets. Whether it is made for iPhone hearing devices through to rechargeable instruments there is an attractive range of hearing aids that can restore the quality of life of a loved one. Don’t let them suffer in silence.

At what age should you get your hearing checked?

Your 50th birthday is a milestone in your life. It is also a good opportunity to get your hearing checked. Many people look at 50 as a significant birthday because you can take stock of your life and count your blessings. Having good hearing is one of these blessings. People around 50 years old often begin to experience deterioration in their hearing.

If you parent or spouse has been experiencing hearing problems recently why not give them a hearing check as a birthday present? It’s free, easy and fast. It might just be the best birthday present they ever had. Once their hearing has been professionally checked by a consultant or audiologist at Clarisound, buy them hearing aids as a Birthday present its happened many times before. Clarisound offers a range of attractive hearing aids to help restore your quality of life. If your loved one has been experiencing hearing problems you don’t have to wait until their birthday to gently suggest that they get their hearing checked.

Healthy hearing, healthy life

Hearing loss is not just associated with getting older. It can also be health related.

A recent study by the American Diabetes Foundation found that hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes. The study found, “It is still not clear how diabetes is related to hearing loss. It is possible that high blood glucose levels cause damage to small blood vessels in the inner ear.” If your loved one is diabetic or even pre-diabetic, suggest to them they get their hearing checked.

Around 2.5 million adults aged 18 and above in Malaysia have diabetes ranking Malaysia with the highest rate of diabetes in Asia. In Singapore there are over 400,000 people living with the disease, the Singapore Ministry of Health believes that about a third of diabetics don’t know they are ill. If your loved one is experiencing hearing loss this may be a good opportunity to remedy this and any other ailments.


Hearing aids are good for your well-being, they are also good for your health in general. Everyone would like to enjoy the good life. As you get older your priorities change and enjoying life to the fullest should be high on your list of priorities. Spending less time working and more time on hobbies, exercise and leisure with family and friends leads to a better life. Having good hearing plays a key role in enjoying life to the fullest. Get healthy, get your hearing checked by professionals.

Stay Calm On Your First Appointment

Your first appointment at Clarisound is simple, easy and free. It won’t take a lot of your time either. Don’t worry or be nervous. You can book an appointment through the internet or call.

Be assured of a friendly, professional greeting when you arrive at any Clarisound outlet. If a consultant or audiologist is not immediately available then an appointment will be scheduled, as soon as possible, on the same day. You can always spend some time browsing at Mid Valley.

Before your hearing test begins, we will need some simple information from you. Then our consultant will ask you some simple questions. This can be done in English and our consultants also speak Malay, Chinese and dialects such as Cantonese, Hokkien and Hakka. Your answers allow our audiologist to build up an understanding of the impact of your hearing loss on your daily life. Basic information such as how long you have been experiencing hearing problems, medical history and any operations can be done quickly. Just relax and sit back.

Before conducting a hearing test we will take a look at your ear canal and ear drum using a small instrument, an Otoscope. You will sit inside a comfortable, state of the art cabinet whilst our consultant conducts a hearing test. Puretone audiometry testing will assess the level or type of hearing loss you are experiencing. We use Siemens computerised testing equipment – high quality equipment with international best practice combined.

We will explain to you the nature of your hearing loss and discuss with you the hearing aid options available. We offer a range of hearing aids from basic low cost hearing aids right up to state of the art premium instruments. There is a selection of prices and a variety of styles and brands. We will guide you through the selection. There is also a choice of colours available enabling you to make a statement with a bright red or hide them in your hair with a black colour.

Your first hearing check appointment is the start of your journey to better hearing and an easier, less stressful life. Wearing hearing aids can involve a short period of rehabilitation and there may be some initial follow up visits required. These are also free of charge. We will guide you through the whole process and ensure that you get optimal benefit from your investment. Let us help you improve your quality of life.